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Destination Guide

Helsinki, Finland

The town of Helsinki was founded by King Gustav Vasa of Sweden. The date 12.6.1550 is regarded as the date on which the city was founded. Growth was slow, for the medieval trading traditions were slow to change. Due to the wars in Russia, the Baltic countries and Germany, Helsinki was nevertheless a strategic military centre, a point of embarkat...

Theaters in Helsinki

The most famous theatres of Helsinki — the Finnish National Opera, Alexander Theatre, Puppet Theatre Sampo and Savoy Theatre — invite all the city guests to dive into cultural life of the capital of Finland.

Sights Of Helsinki

Helsinki is one of the most attractive cities in Europe. The theatres, museums, churches, cathedrals, cobblestone streets and embankments, shopping malls and parks — all these attractions wait for you in one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Museums in Helsinki

A great number of various museums of Helsinki are welcoming the art connoisseurs. There you can find Athenium Art Museum, Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki City Art Museum, Amos Anderson Art Museum and many others offering the most extraordinary expositions.